margot padilla

Sound Design & Interactive Media

Pearl Diving Android and iOS game

iOS Development, Android Development

Mobile App Development, Sound Design, UI design. Co-project with Naomi Elizabeth. Available on Itunes and Google Play.

Tools: Photoshop, Unity, Protools




Electronic music project started in 2006. Labels include Narf Records, Barf Records, Kingdom Mammalia, Folktale Records, and Deathbomb Arc. Released 12 inch full length vinyl on Deathbomb Arc co-produced with Jonathan Snipes of Clppng.

Tools: Protools, Logic, Ableton, Wavosaur, Fl Studio

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True Neutral Crew


Audio Production, Recording, Sound Effects & Original Composition. I write original compositions and rap for this project. Experimental Hip Hop crew with Brian Kinsman, Daveed Diggs and Signor Benedick the Moor.

Tools: Ableton, Adobe Premiere Pro, Protools



Artwork, writing

Totallymag! Zine featured in Zineworld, LA Zinefest, & Riverside DIY Printfest. Celeb gossip rag filled with art music reviews, artist and musician interviews, weird art. Satire spoof of Star, OK!, Tiger Beat

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Cut and Paste

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USC Annenberg Interactive iOS Book

iOS Development

Mobile App Development, Augmented Reality & 2D/3D/Motion Graphics. Created 2d animations using Photoshop and After Effects for the interactive book app available on itunes

Tools: Photoshop, AfterEffects

Hot Wheels Power Port

Sound, Augmented Reality

Composed, recorded and programmed music and audio effects for an augmented reality iPad game. Also built AR scenes and created 2D AR glyphs

Tools: Vuforia Qualcomm AR, Unity, Ableton, Wavosaur, Javascript


Game Development

This game was created in 48 hours using Unity 5 Beta. Heartfly is an RPG where the player is a beautiful butterfly.

Tools: Unity



Game Development, 3D Motion Graphics and Sound

Light mapping using light probes and baked shadows in Unity 3D with a 3rd person controller and audio score. Made this just as a test project to see what I can do with Unity 3D.

Tools: Unity, Ableton, Korg