Margot Padilla

Music, Audio & Interactive Media

Interactive Media

Pearl Diving (Mobile Game)

Game Design / App Development / Sound Design

A side-scrolling adventure game designed by Naomi Elizabeth developed by myself. I also supplied the sound design for this. Available on Itunes and Google Play.

Tools: Protools, Unity3D, Photoshop

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Flotsam (Interactive iOS Book)

App Development

Created and integrated 2D animations for USC Annenberg’s interactive book app, available on iTunes.

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop

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Hot Wheels Power Port (iPad Game)

Music Composition / App Development / Sound Design

Composed, recorded and programmed music and audio effects for Mattel’s augmented reality iPad game. Also built augmented reality scenes.

Tools: Ableton, Wavosaur, Vuforia Qualcomm AR, Unity3D, Javascript

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Heartfly (PC Game)

Game Development

A role playing game that allows the player to explore the world as a butterfly. Play the game here.

Tools: Unity3D

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Point (PC Game)

Music Composition / Game Development

A 3rd person, 3D exploration game with an original audio score.

Tools: Ableton, Korg, Unity3D

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